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1. Introductions
2. The Basics of Celiac Disease
3. The Basics of Gluten
4. The Basics of Food Label Reading
5. The Basics of Healing
6. The Basics of Eating Gluten-Free at Home
7. The Basics of Eating Out
8. The Basics of Travel/Vacation
9. The Basics of Holidays
10. The Basics of Weddings/Big Events with Food
11. My Favorite Brands
12. The Basics of Gluten-Free Medications
13. The Basics of Cosmetics, Skin Products & Toiletries

13 Self-Paced Modules

Buy Now for $185

What you’ll get out of The Basics of Celiac Disease course

Over 90 minutes of video content discussing all the things the doctor didn’t tell you about Celiac Disease when they gave you your diagnosis. Everything from what is gluten, to how to advocate for yourself in situations revolving around food, Alexa (MPH, RDN, LDN) shares everything you need to know about this diagnosis to not just survive but thrive.

Workbook pages for each module to reinforce your learning and process your feelings about your diagnosis, because let’s be real it comes with a lot of emotions.

Lifetime access and access to all future updates to the course.

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The Basics of Celiac Disease

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